The Relational School of Therapy has been established by a collection of experienced therapists; Karl Gregory, Judy Hemmons and Sarah Anderton, who are interested in developing and furthering the skills and understanding of the Relational Approach to Therapy.

The modality or approach a therapist uses is largely irrelevant to a good outcome from therapy, or any other healing approach.  Research confirms the quality of the therapeutic relationship makes or breaks effective healing; yet little time in most Counselling, Psychotherapy or other healing training is spent learning how to work relationally with clients.

Through their discussions about supervision, Karl, Judy and Sarah have been exploring how to encourage and develop therapists in training and supervisees to become the very best practitioners they can, regardless of what modality they were trained in.  The outcome of their discussions is – as research bears out – the therapeutic relationship is the glue that bonds therapists from every modality together.

What is Relational Therapy?