Authority, Power, and Responsibility in Supervision: A Trinity or Tyranny?

Authority, Power, and Responsibility in Supervision: A Trinity or Tyranny? A thought provoking article by Karl Gregory and Sheila McCarthy-Dodd in this months Counselling Matters Magazine.

Unconditional Self-Acceptance & Self-Compassion

This chapter by Windy Dryden from the book ‘The Strength of Self-Acceptance’ (ed Bernard M.E.2013) appealed to me, as, not  only does he define the all too familiar tropes of concepts of Self-acceptance and Self-compassion, but he explores how these… Continue Reading →

Shame in Supervision

Here is Karl’s interesting article recently published in NCS magazine. Click on the link below for an informative read. Shame in Supervision

Making Ourselves Known- Self disclosure

TT self-disclosure.pdf ( “Making ourselves known” by Rakhi Chand The debate about self-disclosure and whether it is right to share anything with our clients of ourselves is illuminated by this article. Rakhi Chand defines self-disclosure as “the act of making… Continue Reading →

Shame and Humiliation

We have added this paper to the site (inspite of the rather repelling title!) , firstly because the Stone Institute based in Wellesley College, Massachusetts USA have developed a Relational-Cultural model of therapy that has been influential in bringing the… Continue Reading →

Being There: Presence in the Supervisory Relationship

Zoe Chouliara writes with clarity about presence and the significance of it within the supervisory as well as the therapeutic relationship. This article resonated with Judy as she originally became interested in the significance of presence whilst training to become… Continue Reading →

Balance of Power. Transcript of article published BACP Journal Jan 19

Perspectives BACP Workplace | January 2019 Helping our clients to find their power after an experience of workplace bullying is all part of the recovery process. Sarah Anderton explores how to bring our own power and authority to the relationship… Continue Reading →

A Relational Approach to Therapy

A Relational Approach to Therapy By Karl Gregory, Judy Hemmons and Sarah Anderton “We are evolutionarily hard-wired to heal and be healed by human connection and social interaction’  Elkins (2016 p51) We are living through interesting times; the rise in… Continue Reading →

What works and doesn’t work in therapy. Mick Cooper reflects.

Personal Therapy: A Reflexive Account What have I, as a client, found helpful in therapy? What have I found unhelpful? And, What, for me, has been the process of change? We’re currently working on an analysis of young people’s experiences… Continue Reading →

Norcross & Lambert 2018 metanalysis: Psychotherapy Relationships that Work III

Psychotherapy © 2018 American Psychological Association 2018, Vol. 55, No. 4, 303–315 0033-3204/18/$12.00 Psychotherapy Relationships That Work III John C. Norcross Michael J. Lambert University of Scranton Brigham Young University This article introduces the journal issue devoted to the… Continue Reading →

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